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I built my house fifteen years ago, and believe it or not, it still has the original carpets. We intentionally selected Berber when we had the carpets installed because we knew it would hold up well to traffic.

I’d sure make the same choice again. It’s amazing how well it has held up.
But I’m thinking it’s time for the carpet to be replaced, and this time I think I’ll go with a hardwood or Pergo-style laminate downstairs and in some portions of the upstairs.

I have some friends who just had all the carpet in their house taken up and replaced with 24” tile. They also had their old tile in the kitchen and bathrooms removed and replaced with the new tile.

I saw the house last night, and the new tile throughout looked really great. So different from the carpet they used to have. (Actually, the house doesn’t look as warm or inviting with all the tile; maybe they’ll put some rugs in to soften the floors a little.)

I asked them what the process was like when they had the work done. Two guys did the entire project, including moving all the furniture around, pulling up and taking out the carpet, removing the old tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, laying the new tile, and laying the wood-look laminate in the bedrooms.

They were really happy with the service. The one thing they talked about was how much dust was produced by the project, especially when the old tile was removed but even in the laying of the new.
Made me think of the tile companies that specialize in dust-free tile-removal.

This couple said that during their project, one of the guys had a vacuum that he used to remove and manage the dust, but that even so, there was dust everywhere. The wife said it took her forever to get rid of all the dust after the project was done.

I didn’t say anything to her, but I thought of Floor Busters, the dust-free tile-removal company that I know of. They have a ton of very happy clients who swear that their places are as clean when the guys leave as when they arrive.

This company uses industrial-grade vacuums to suck the dust up before it even has a chance to lift into the air and float onto stuff. They’ve got it down to a science.
One guy works on removing the tile with tools and special equipment. Another guy is like micro-attentive about keeping the work space dust-free with his mother-of-all-vacuums, and another guy hauls out the old tile to keep the area clean and uncluttered.

They’re the best dust-free tile-removal company in the Orlando area and central Florida. They’re licensed and insured. That’s the company that my friends should have used!
The tile in my house is fine still. It covers most of the floor downstairs and the two bathrooms upstairs. It does have some chips in it, but overall it’s in great shape. If I had to remove it, though, I would definitely call Floor Busters.

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