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To Camp Again Making Your Home away from Home


Back to the subject of camping again. . . . Home?

I have a lot of great memories of camping on the west coast. However, when we moved to the East Coast when our kids were small, the camping pretty much came to a screeching halt.
Somehow we were never able to pull it off with the weather being as hot as it was. And somehow we also didn’t go when it was cold.
I take that back. We did go a few times when our youngest was just a baby. Those were good experiences. Twice we went with another couple and that worked out fine. But we haven’t been camping in probably eight years.

Last night I went to visit some friends who were camping. They were at a campground about half an hour from my house. I just went for the night to sit around the campfire. A friend of mine went with me. These friends at the campsite were tent camping. It reminded me so much of the camping trips that I used to go on.

The friend that went with me and I were talking about camping trips. She said that she used to go camping with her family when her kids were young all the time also. And then I learned that her camping was not tent camping. It was motor home type camping, with toilet and shower and beds.
She also said they had a pop-up camp for a while, which was a little bit less deluxe, but still a step up from the tent.

So I’ve realized that people have different definitions of camping. I don’t actually think that camping in a motorhome is real camping, but that’s just me. I guess I’m a diehard tent camper.
Although I have to say that now I think about it, it would be pretty fun to go in a motorhome or even a fifth wheeler. I think I would enjoy that very much, and I would probably end up going camping more than I do now. The thought of collecting a tent and a camp stove and all of the bizillion things that you have to take in order to make a successful camping trip feels pretty overwhelming.

Still, though, I think it is something I would like to do again. And I realize that even though my kids are almost all out of the house, I can still go camping. Just because the kids are gone doesn’t mean I can’t anymore.

My friend and I are actually thinking about camping. We might even go out to the coast In a couple of weeks and do that. She now has a tent so we would actually do the tent camping thing.
I’m at a place in my life where I am starting to explore doing new things as well as going back to things that I used to do but have slipped away. So I think that camping falls into that category, and even though there are some mental hurdles to overcome, I am ready to give it a go.

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