About Me

Who is Kit? That’s me, smile.

Hey, how’s it going? I’m glad you found your way to my blog.
So, I decided to hop on the blogmania bandwagon and start my own blog. Seems like the thing everyone is doing so I’m like, why not? I have a few gems to impart to the world.
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think I’m the Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa or anything.
But I’ve been around for a few years. This isn’t my first rodeo.

I’m Kit. I’ve been a musician my entire life.

There was a decade or two when I had a band and we toured the country. Had gigs in huge arenas in all the major cities. We had a couple of tour buses—those giant, classy coach kind—that we took everywhere and slept in.

The gigs were fun, and I loved the shows, but I tell you, the traveling was killer. Even with those nice coaches. Mile after mile, city after city, state after state. Ugh. I got so sick of it.
Honestly, it was the travel that killed the joy! It got to the point where the fun of the shows just couldn’t outweigh the grind of the travel, and I cried Uncle. That was the end of that.

Moved back to Idyllwild, California—little teeny town in the mountains of Southern California, about an hour from LA—and stayed put for the next twenty years!
Idyllwild is great. It used to be a little backwater place but then day-trippers found it and everything changed. Cafes and antique shops and artsy-fartsy stores sprang up. People moved up from the valley and built cabins and weekend homes and stuff.

Turned Idyllwild into a place like Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead. Well, maybe not quite so commercialized as Arrowhead, but still, not your mama’s sleepy mountain town any more.
I actually didn’t mind. I had my own cabin tucked away in an area that was far enough from Idyllwild proper that I had plenty of privacy. When Idyllwild grew, it was kind of nice. I liked having a place to go for a good cuppa coffee or a decent dinner that I didn’t have to cook myself.
I still had to go down the mountain if I wanted to see a movie in a theater but I didn’t mind that.

While I lived in Idyllwild I made a living as a music instructor—guitar and voice, specifically—since that’s what I did with the band. I didn’t have to work all that much. The albums the band had made continued to sell well and I had a comfortable living off the royalties.
But anyway, kids and adults would come to my cabin for lessons. I had an open floor plan with a great room and a giant fireplace. It was an A-frame, so there wasn’t any ceiling over the great room. The front wall was basically a solid bank of windows that looked out onto the redwoods. Perfect place for doing lessons!

So yep, that’s my history. After twenty years in Idyllwild, I followed a man across the country to Florida. What a change! But a good one. I still have my cabin. We go back every summer.