Fixing the Error 126 Problem

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  1. Johny says:
    Made it, The repair tool did fix the 126 error. Thanks.
  2. admin says:
    That’s great, I’m glad I could help you.
  3. Eliyahu says:
    I still didn’t really understand where the error 126 really comes form…
  4. admin says:
    Hi Eliyahu, Error 126 happens most of the times because of ODBC problems
  5. Sima says:
    I got this error 126 every time I turned on my computer, I did a scan with the tool you offered above and it fount thousands of errors. I pressed fix, restarted my computer and the error stopped appearing. Thanks for the tool.
  6. [...] cause of this error 126 error is due to faulty ODBC drivers on your computer. If these ODBC drivers aren’t working [...]
  7. Jim says:
    Thanks for the info and the fix tool. RegGenie did solved the error 126 runtime problem.
  8. ronaldo says:
    Helped a lot, great site.
  9. 413X says:
    I hope this really works :) and ty even if it doesnt work im glad u try helping people especially me.
  10. mikey says:
    wow ! this really work. thanks mwaah :)
  11. loalde says:
    wow this is amazing, it really works !
  12. elliot says:
    thanks i was able to fix it.
  13. mora says:
    i gotta try this too.

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