Why Windows Vista Explorer Keeps Freezing?

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  1. joan says:
    my pc been freezing for like 3 weeks now and after reading this i think my computer is bogged down with registry errors i think i need registry cleaner.
  2. lina says:
    This is certainly a great post. I think I know now why my windows vista pc keeps freezing it is because it is running too many applications and is running out of free memory or free hard drive space for temporary files necessary for proper navigation.
  3. cassy anthony says:
    Hi! My windows vista keeps freezing, I think there is a problem with your installation of your most recent Service Pack but i don’t exactly understand by recent service pack?? any help??
  4. hanz says:
    When you experience vista freezing, try to efficiently clean your computer registry with a registry cleaning program that allows you to scan every files and fix those errors.
  5. margarette ellen says:
    i ran into same situation but i think this freezing caused by some virus on my pc though i have scanned it i am not sure if it has fixed it or not and you are right i think i also need a registry scanner to fix my registry problem.
  6. menchu says:
    If windows vista explorer keeps freezing then something has gone wrong, things to consider are it might have been infected then try to perform an antivirus scan. If the problem still exist then it could probably be caused of a corrupt registry then a through scan will repair your computer’s registry.
  7. hagedorn says:
    one of the causes could be could be device drivers not have enough RAM memory check if your RAM is sufficient enough to hold large files.

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